Anastrozole tabs – the main description of the medicament for intake!

Anastrozole tabsAnastrozole – refers to anti-estrogen drugs and is synthesized specifically for the treatment of the most common among women today – breast cancer. This was the first medicine that got into the class of aromatase inhibitors of the 3rd generation. This mean is able to reversibly bind aromatase by a path of competitive inhibition, and the drug inhibits the conversion of androgens to estrogens that are located in the peripheral tissues. Anastrozole price can have a significant effect on the level of estrogen in the body. For example, the use of only 1 mg per day can cause a process in which estrogen will be suppressed in 80% of patients and more. Taking to account the powerful effect of the drug on the hormone level, it is mainly prescribed to women only during the postmenopause.

Anastrozole is not associated with androgenic and estrogenic activity. If it is used in the recommended dose for therapy, the drug will not affect the process of producing cortisol and aldosterone.

Anastrozole for men in bodybuilding – the goals to achieve with the intake

Anastrozole for men uniquely may interest the athletes who use steroids. Previously, before it was invented, they were fighting against estrogen with Nolvadex and Proviron. With a combined course, they gave a good effect. Unlike them, solo course of Anastrozole bodybuilding has a much greater effect and therefore becomes very popular. The use of this one and sometimes even ½ tablets gives an amazing result. During the use of highly aromatized drugs, side effects like gynecomastia and delay may be possible to minimize, the occurrence of which is associated with the use of ligaments of highly aromatizing agents and agents capable of conversion to dihydrotestosterone. In addition, this agent helps to significantly improve the muscles, because the excess water will go away.

The long-term use of any drug may cause the problems with aromatase inhibitors. Buy online Anastrozole and see – is able to reduce side effects of an estrogenic nature, but at the same time to block of useful properties of estrogen, for example, suppression of “good” cholesterol.

Anastrozole – all the rules of proper medicament reception for good result

As a rule, bodybuilders of all stripes start taking Anastrozole best therapy replacement, only when there are signs of gynecomastia, or already a gynecomastia has appeared.

The most optimal option is to pass the test to check the level of estrogen, after 10 days, if you use “short preparations” – testosterone propionate, methane, or 3-4 weeks if drugs with a long period of life is used.

If signs of gynecomastia have not yet appeared, half a tablet or 0.5 mg should be taken every other day, that will be sufficient for moderate suppression of aromatization and prevention of side effects. After another 10-14 days, it is advisable to reanalyze the test for estradiol and, if necessary, adjust the dosage of the drug more or less.

Anastrozole tabs can be taken at any time, regardless of food intake. However, the most optimal is taking the drug 30 minutes before eating. In this case, the active substance quickly enters the blood.

For prophylactic purposes, this mean should be taken 0.5 mg in one day. If you have developed gynecomastia, you should take it 1 mg dosage every day. After the disappearance of signs of gynecomastia, you should continue taking the agent in preventive dosages.

Anastrozole side effects of tablets are possible to occur during intake

Anastrozole side effectsIn general, Anastrozole side effects associated with taking aromatase inhibitors include hot flushes, soreness of joints, general weakness, rapid fatigue, sudden mood swings, depression, increased blood pressure, swelling of the hands and feet, and headaches. It is also possible to reduce the level of bone mineral density, resulting in the development of osteoporosis and the increased risk of fractures. Sometimes there may be problems in the GI tract, as well as nausea and vomiting. Strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy. It is possible to disrupt the development of the fetus. The usage of drugs type by males for a long time can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases because of containing the positive effect of estrogen on the level of cholesterol. In the course of the research, it was found that if to combine steroids that tend to aromatize together with an aromatase inhibitor, there is an obvious suppression of high-density lipoproteins, “good” cholesterol.

Some individual precautions for Anastrozole medicament reception

There is no data on the use of the drug for patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment or severe renal failure.

In the case of persisting uterine bleeding during Anastrozole intake, consultation and supervision of the gynecologist is necessary.

Estrogen-containing drugs should not be taken simultaneously.

Reduction of the level of circulating estradiol can cause liquefaction of bone mineral density with a subsequent increase in the risk of fracture, and patients with such a high risk should be treated according to guidelines for the therapy of these complications.

There is no evidence of simultaneous use of this mean and analogue preparation of the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone. It is not known whether this mean improves the results of treatment combined with chemotherapy. Information on safety during long-term treatment with the drug is not available as well.

The efficacy and safety of Anastrozole for sale and Tamoxifen in their simultaneous application, regardless of the status of the hormonal receptors, are comparable to those of single Tamoxifen intake. The exact mechanism of this phenomenon is not known yet.

It is reasonable to be careful during driving and working with potentially dangerous mechanisms, since Anastrozole can cause asthenia and drowsiness.