Buy Depo Testosterone (Cypionate) 200mg: Cycle, Dosage, Gains, Side Effects

Colloquially coined ‘test cyp,’ ‘test C,’ or just ‘test’ in bodybuilding circles, Depo Testosterone has an abiding, unfaltering career as an effective esterified version of testosterone for almost three quarters a century. In this informative post, we’ll take a deeper look at what is Depo Testosterone (cypionate), its most common uses, finding the most suited dosage of the substance, side effects (however sour and unpleasing as they may be) and where to buy it.

But first, how about a succinct apothegmatic historical jaunt?

What is Depo Testosterone (Cypionate)?

As a synthetic ester of testosterone, Depo Testosterone serves to boost testosterone as an androgen. Androgens are a conglomeration of hormones that promote masculine characteristics—they work similarly on both ladies and gentlemen.

Biopharmaceutical giant, Pfizer produces Depo Testosterone, adding to their prolific repertoire of acclaimed, celebrated elixirs that include household names like Lipitor, Viagra, Dimetapp, Lyrica, Celebrex, Ativan, Chantix, and even ChapStick.

It has been on the scene since the early 50s, and although it’s classified as schedule III controlled substance in the US, it’s not entirely banned like a plethora of other androgens and anabolics and is readily available with a prescription at any local pharmacy. If you haven’t got one of those, stick around we’ll reveal where you can get your hands on Depo Testosterone even without a doctor’s note.

It has many functions beyond just upping testosterone levels for bodybuilders. Transgender men use it as hormone therapy during and after transitioning, as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), physicians prescribe it to young boys whose puberty is delayed, it treats oligospermia, breast cancer, and other breast-related conditions, atrophy of the muscular variety, as well as congenital and acquired hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (diminishing function of the testes or ovaries). It also promotes weight loss in individuals with diminished testosterone levels.

Should I Use Depo Testosterone for Bodybuilding?

Many men incorporate Depo Testosterone into their Bodybuilding routine and experiment with various stacking regimens. Testosterone is the consummate component of the very definition of bodybuilding. Boosting T levels during a cycle is only going to augment your gains while your targeted muscles cultivate a shredded, ripped, bulging look and feel.

Is Depo Testosterone Safe for Women Bodybuilders?

For women, it’s recommended to avoid Depo Testosterone, as it’s too potent of an androgen and masculinization prognostics manifest rapidly. It may not invoke actual harm on the female anatomy, but the outcomes are wildly undesirable.

What Is the Best Depo Testosterone Dosage for Bodybuilding?

As it’s been established that women should not partake in a Depo Testosterone cycle, we’ll carve out the classic Depo Testosterone dosage for male bodybuilders after pristine muscle growth and fantastic strength and performance.

It’s worth noting that since the oral bioavailability is so low, the exclusive way to take a Depo Testosterone dosage is via injection. 100 to 200 mg weekly is the ideal dosage for bros on the muscle building circuit. Anything beyond that is going to yield some pretty nasty side effects.

How Long does it Stay in the System?

A single shot of Depo Testosterone has a half-life of twelve days.

What Are the Depo Testosterone Side Effects?

There are tall tales of the devastating Depo Testosterone side effects, and while there’s an inkling of truth to them because anything is possible, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks and downsides.

But, like a responsible article should supply, here’s your obligatory disclaimer.

First, testosterone is naturally produced by the body without prompting, and on its own does not cause any harm. However, sometimes synthetic esters of testosterone can stimulate some unwanted effects on the body.

It can permanently suppress the body’s natural means of testosterone production, it also may cause balding, gynecomastia (male breasts), an enlarged prostate, and acne ridden skin.

The risk of blood clots is also increased when the body is overloaded with testosterone.

What Is the Average Depo Testosterone 200mg Cost?

The average Depo Testosterone 200mg cost could easily set you back about 50 bones. Staggering, right? But we have good news for you. By buying online from our recommended supplier, you’ll get your vials of Depo Testosterone at a fraction of that cost. Find the best price below.

Where Can I Find Depo Testosterone for Sale?

You’ll find Depo Testosterone for sale in every corner of the internet. Because it’s a licit substance, main street pharmacies will constantly carry stock. But without a prescription, you’re out of luck in these stores.

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Before we send you off on your Depo Testosterone journey, it’s important to adopt proper storage techniques and habits so your vial remains in its best possible condition. Keep it away from harsh lights and in a temperature controlled place that does not get any warmer than 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a typical room temperature. Depo Testosterone doesn’t need to be refrigerated. In very warm climates, take extra care.