Buy Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate 50mg) Tablets for Men Online: Price, Gains

If you’ve not heard of Clomid, the trendy serm (selective estrogen receptor modulator) or you have but you’re curious to know what is Clomid (Clomiphene) and how does it work, you’re in the right venue—here’s where you’re about to learn all the pertinent details. Perhaps you’ll take the plunge and add it to your next round of pct.

What is Clomid (Clomiphene) and How Does it Work?

Clomid—chemical name, hydroxy clomiphene, also clomifene—is a popular course of post-cycle therapy (PCT) for many bodybuilders and athletes.

Following a cycle of anabolic steroids, many gym rats struggle with dwindling levels of testosterone. enter: Clomid, a fertility booster originally developed for women that also increases testosterone for males after a heavily stacked cycle.

Let’s get scientific for a second—Clomid attaches or binds itself to the brain’s receptors that are responsible for producing fsh and lh in men and women alike—the follicle stimulating hormone and the luteinizing hormone, respectively. When Clomid works in a man’s system, the FSH starts making more sperm, and the LH produces a greater amount of the male sex hormone—testosterone.

Is Clomid for Men and Women?

What many in the bodybuilding community are unaware of is that Clomid was designed for women and infertility, and its original purpose was to provoke an improvement in their reproductive capabilities. Clomid for men hasn’t got much to do with reproduction, it’s more about recovery.

Even though Clomid has several uses, we’re here to talk about just one…

How to Use Clomid for Bodybuilding

Knowing how to use Clomid for bodybuilding is the first step to a productive and successful post-cycle therapy course.

When to Take Clomid?

During your PCT is when to take it, duh! Specifically, after you’ve completed your anabolic steroids cycle. Most Clomid pcts are four to six weeks long, and the drug’s half-life is approximately 14 days—therefore this substance can linger in your system for 12 weeks.

Clomid dosage Details—Clomid 50mg, 100mg, and 150mg

The most conventional Clomid dosage starts high and tapers off toward completion of therapy. Following dosage guidelines closely also assuages potential side effect (more on that topic in a moment).

Experts recommend Clomid 150mg every day during the initial two weeks post cycle. The following fortnight calls for Clomid 100mg each day, and you might cease therapy there.

Should that not suffice, the PCT may be extended an additional one to two weeks on a much lesser, tapered dose of Clomid 50mg daily.

Can You Buy Clomid Over the counter?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Clomid over the counter, at least not without a prescription. Besides, even if that was a feasible option, you’d still be paying a premium price for it—what with all the copays and privatized insurance fees that go along with the wonderful, efficient healthcare system of America.

Read on for an even better procurement option.

Buy Clomid online Instead

Rather than attempting to cut through red tape and jump through proverbial hoops by attempting to secure a prescription and redeeming it a pharmacy in town, just buy Clomid online instead.

No worries, if you’re stuck on where to buy, we’d recommend choosing an upstanding vendor that has a superb reputation and positive reviews to back it up like this one [**********]. This pharmaceutical retailer has Clomid as well as alternative generic versions for sale—all at a fraction of the cost you’d dish in Walgreen’s.

What Are the Clomid Side effects?

There are a handful of undesirable Clomid side effects, but none horrid enough to deter someone from adding it to their regimen, and most people who take Clomid don’t experience any side effects anywise.

Some dudes may feel like their nipples become a bit more tender than usual, and some have upset (yet tolerable) stomachs. The gastro pain probably comes from bloating, which is often confused with weight gain, although the latter is possible, too.

Should you start having visual disturbances on Clomid, it’s suggested to halt the therapy and visit a doctor post haste.

Clomid interactions

Before you take a nosedive into adding Clomid to your bodybuilding plan, check that you’re not putting yourself at risk of any interactions—be them related to food or drink, other medications, or pathophysiological conditions.

It’s worth mentioning that Clomid’s interaction with alcohol can result in some pretty unsavory outcomes—dizziness, distorted vision, puking—basically an extremely heightened state of drunkenness, which can be hazardous to your health. If you can’t abstain from alcohol while taking Clomid, then it’s best to leave the Clomid untouched.

Beer, wine, and spirits aside, there aren’t many other interactions of Clomid that would raise a red flag warning sign, other than you shouldn’t mix it with the gonadorelin (gnrh) hormone.

Clomid is otherwise a safe and effective option for invigorating the testosterone levels in their PCT.

Incorporating an effective PCT to your aas cycle is a pertinent component of any lucrative and bountiful regimen. gains don’t come without proper care and attention.