Clomiphene citrate for sale – get the price that may you surprise!

Clomiphene citrate for saleClomiphene is a non-steroid drug that is used by women to correct the violations of female reproductive system, or by athletes who have taken steroid drugs that depress their own testosterone production. Preparations of this group come into relationship with organs’ receptors of the genitourinary system and the hypothalamus.

Most often, Clomiphene citrate is recommended to raise the secretion of the own blood testosterone production of bodybuilders. After all, many of them use it for a rapid increase in muscle mass, use strong drugs, the side effect of which is the inhibition of the development of their own testosterone, which eventually can lead to testicular atrophy.

That is why this agent was nicknamed – a mean of post-course therapy in the sports world. However, initially Clomiphene Citrate was prescribed exclusively to women, it helps in the treatment of infertility, with uterine bleeding and other disorders. The use of this medication, the price of which is available to everyone, has one indisputable advantage among other types of steroids – the drug does not block the process of producing its own testosterone by the body.

Clomiphene citrate and how it works for the body during treatment

Clomiphene citrate and how it worksWith the use of Clomiphene Citrate, the effect on estrogen receptors activates, which subsequently leads to blocking the activity of estrogens. At the same time under the influence of hormone production, the secretion of own testosterone significantly increases. This does not happen immediately.

Buying this tool, you need to carefully study all the features of the drug. During the first days of intake, the level of natural testosterone will jump to its maximum concentration, and after a few days, it will fully normalize. If the correct dosage is observed, there are no side effects from the drug.

This is very important for a male athlete, because if the testicles stop developing testosterone, their atrophy will occur – this is an irreversible process. However, before you buy this mean, you need to consult a trainer or a doctor. Especially if you have some chronic diseases or pathological processes in the acute stage. In most cases, athletes without incidental symptoms tolerate the drug, but there are always exceptions to the rules.

Clomiphene citrate all the side effects are possible to occur with intake

Each medical agent has it’s own side effects that are manifested by various organs and systems and this drug is no exception.

From the side of nervous system: headache, sleepiness, slower mental and motor reactions, depression, sleeplessness.

From the digestive system: queasiness, upchuck, gastralgia, tympanites, diarrhea.

Allergic reactions: exanthema, allergic dermatitis.

From the genitourinary system: polyuria, frequent urination, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, ovarian enlargement.

Other: body weight increasing, tides to face, visual reduction, baldness, breast pains.

If there is a high testosterone in women it is not allowed to take the drug.

Clomiphene citrate for men – the right dosages for bodybuilding result

Clomiphene citrate for menClomiphene citrate for men should be taken after the athlete has completed the course of taking steroid medications, which during the whole reception inhibited the secretion of testosterone. During the first week, it should be taken 100 mg – this is 2 tablets, the second week 50 mg for men (1 table).

Then the testosterone will return to normal, and you will feel yourself again toned.

The duration of the course should be calculated individually for each athlete.

The above data are averaged. The necessary amount of the drug and the duration of the course depends on various factors, and, first of all, the calculation is made of exactly what steroids and anabolics the athlete took to increase muscle mass.

It is very important to correctly calculate the dose, otherwise, there will be no effect from the drug, or, conversely, too long reception of Clomiphene, in which the patient’s body does not need, can lead to serious complications.

The maximum allowable dosage of the drug is given to athletes who have undergone a long course of severe anabolic and steroids.

For an easy course, after applying uncomplicated anabolics, you can buy the drug in a minimal dosage and immediately complete the course in order not to take breaks in its reception.

On a full recovery of the body after the use of anabolics and steroids, each athlete will need an individual amount of time, it all depends on the severity of previously taken drugs and also it is reasonable to include into the diet natural testosterone supplement.

Clomiphene for sale – ways to purchase the agent for bodybuilding purpose

The best place for making purchase of this medicament is online pharmacies where is a wide range of different medicaments for any purpose. Hydroxy Clomiphene has pleasant and affordable price, and every athlete will be able to tidy his body after a course of anabolics.

Clomiphene citrate – general opinions and reviews of the medicament

Finding reviews, about this pharmacological agent is not difficult going online, because this agent has unmistakable popularity. Most of the reviews about Clomiphene Citrate are about its features, that are maybe useful in both medicine and sports. Anyway, one can also find negative opinions. The main reason of negative reviews of this remedy are due to improper drug use, and as a consequence, the occurrence of unwanted effects.

In addition, reviews of tablets show that misuse of this mean can lead to visual impairment and sudden changes in mood. This happens rare but there is some risk.