Buy Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate and Enanthate) Online: Dosage, Cycle

Many of the popular steroids within the bodybuilding community hit the scene decades ago, long before many of us were even born. Of course, they weren’t then marketed as anabolic androgenic steroids then, rather they served other medicinal or therapeutic purposes. The same goes for Masteron, which is the popular brand name for the chemical drug drostanolone.

What is Masteron (Drostanolone)?

For amateur bodybuilders wondering what is Masteron (drostanolone), you’ve clicked into the right place. Masteron, or drostanolone, is an AAS, or anabolic androgenic steroid for bodybuilders.

As discussed in the introduction, though, it wasn’t always intended as such. Instead, it was a powerful medication used by oncologists to treat advanced carcinoma of the breast (cognomen: cancer for the nonexpert) that was considered inoperable in the 60s and 70s. It first debuted in 1959.

The anti estrogen properties of Masteron are exactly what made the substance so mighty in fighting breast cancer as well as being an effective and coveted AAS for dudes trying to look super ripped. Such characteristics hinder water retention subcutaneously in guys with a low percentage of body fat, so muscles appear more defined, making Masteron an excellent choice for dudes concerned with aesthetics.

There are two versions of Masteron—propionate, and enanthate, both of which belong to the family of dihydrotestosterones (DHTs). The main differences are briefly explained after the jump.

Exhibit A: Masteron Propionate

Masteron propionate is the original version of Masteron, and usually what folks are referring to when they don’t distinguish between the two. It is the shorter acting ester variant. An ester an organic chemical compound derivative of carboxylic acid and alcohol, or carbon atoms and oxygen atoms. The shorter the chain of carbon is, the more soluble it becomes in the blood because it’s partially hydrophilic rather than lipophilic, therefore making it faster acting, with a lesser half-life.

Exhibit B: Masteron Enanthate

Masteron enanthate is the longer acting ester variant of drostanolone, and is relatively new in the timeline of Masteron’s history, although its true origins aren’t clear. Scientifically speaking, Masteron enanthate is the long-acting version and suits longer cycles and stacks better. Of course, the half-life is also going to be larger. Masteron enanthate is much less frequently utilized, and so information on this product is scarce. However, most beginners start with this one instead of the previous.

Both variants produce similar effects.

A Typical Masteron Cycle

Due to Masteron’s intensifying capabilities, it’s common practice to incorporate this steroid into a cycle with a stack. It has been proven to heighten the effectiveness of other anabolics in a wide array of cycle variations.

The archetypal, intermediate level Masteron cycle is 10 weeks long—Masteron propionate stacked with one or two additional steroids at a lower dosage (such as testosterone propionate and Anavar).

For the AAS amateur, experts recommend choosing a Masteron enanthate cycle to get started. This cycle is typically a bit more extensive, at 12 weeks. This stack better utilizes testosterone enanthate—you might see how the puzzle fits together now.

What is the Most Effective Masteron Dosage?

A Masteron dosage might vary among beginners, intermediate users, and highly experienced or advanced AAS users, but most use 100 mg every second day throughout their cycle.

Masteron is most effective in a stack, so up to 200 mg of testosterone every week usually does the trick.

Can You Buy Masteron Online?

For the best price, buy Masteron online [**********]. Steer clear of cunning dealers in the locker room pushing inauthentic pills and products down the throats of guileless, gullible newbies. Those tough guys are usually trying to scam you and make a quick buck. Heaven only knows what dodgy underground lab manufactured whichever injectable or oral so-called steroid on offer by Slick Rick.

Plenty of online pharmacies with rave reviews [**********] have Masteron (both propionate and enanthate) for sale. The process from start to finish is seamless, confidential, and safe.

Note that Masteron, like many anabolic steroid supplements, is not legally distributed over the counter.

What Are the Most Common Masteron Side Effects?

Considering the hardships your body faces while metabolizing many other steroids, Masteron is rather easy on the system. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean there are no side effects at all, though.

So of the most prevalent Masteron side effects include:

  • Oily, acne-ridden skin
  • Hair loss, especially for dudes who are prone to balding
  • Insomnia and aggressiveness (particularly when stacked with Tren)

Masteron may also result in Increased LDL cholesterol levels compounded by decreased HDL cholesterol numbers, so keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet is in order to make sure your vitals are in check—this includes your blood pressure too.

In terms of libido and horniness, Masteron does the body (and your girlfriend or boyfriend) a world of good. Many horny Masteron enthusiasts in bodybuilding forum across the internet can attest to maintaining a healthy sex drive while on this steroid.

More good news—Masteron is easy on the liver too. There are no potential negative hepatic effects.