High testosterone level in the blood of both sexes – what is the problem!

High testosterone, as well as low, is also a harmful imbalance for the body of both males and females. In the bodies of both sexes, there is a concentration of testosterone that always has to be at an optimal level. Due to some inner or outer factors, the level of it may be reduced or increased which means there is something wrong with the body that requires a visit to the doctor for finding out the main reason of such disorder.
Testosterone is a hormone produced by the sex glands, and at a lower degree, by the adrenal glands. The glands secrete testosterone under the stimulation of another hormone, LH, which is the product of the pituitary gland which in turn depends on the release of hormones from the hypothalamus.

The level of testosterone in men and women are measured using special tests that allow to evaluate the concentration of this hormone in the blood and find out whether there are revelations from the norm.

High testosterone in women – how dangerous is it for female health

High testosterone in womenTestosterone is considered a specific male hormone, responsible for the development of muscle strength and mass, sexual behavior, masculinity and courage, bordering on self-sacrifice. Not less important role of this hormone in women body, although its content is less by about 25 times in comparing with male levels.

In females this hormone is needed to help the development of the follicle in the ovaries, to participate in the formation of the skeleton, to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and to raise the mood. In addition, the sexuality of a woman depends on testosterone. However, high testosterone in women may cause certain problems.

An increased level of testosterone in women often leads to a number of different complications. First, the normal functioning of the ovaries is disrupted, and this leads to violations of the menstrual cycle. This, in turn, can lead to the development of diabetes mellitus. In addition, a violation of ovulation is possible which can lead to infertility. In addition, even if a woman with a high levels content of testosterone gets pregnant, often the process of gestation is under a constant threat of complications during pregnancy and during childbirth.

In the case when increased level of testosterone is caused by malfunction of the pituitary gland , this condition is usually accompanied by the appearance of excess weight and as a result leads to obesity.

The main signs of high testosterone level in male body – how to discover

Consider the main signs of high testosterone in men:

1. Unreasonable aggression;
2. Suicidal tendencies;
3. Constant headaches;
4. Sleep disturbance, resulting in insomnia;
5. The growth of muscle mass that subsequently increases in weight;
6. Excessive growth of hair on the body, while on the head there is a reversal of hair loss;
7. Irritability.

It is not necessary to leave without attention the above-mentioned symptoms, since they can lead to far more serious consequences, getting rid of them will be much more difficult.

High testosterone levels in men can cause the following health problems:

1. The decreasing of the activity of spermatozoa, which leads to male infertility;
2. Heart muscles damage, resulting in increased risk of heart attacks;
3. Due to an increase in the prostate gland, the process of urination becomes more difficult;
4. The body does not remove excess fluid, causing swelling;
5. Increases cholesterol in the blood;
6. Acne appears.

The symptoms of high testosterone levels for females – ways to find out

In the cause of increased male hormone, there are the symptoms of high testosterone:

1. symptoms of high testosterone levels for femalesThe appearance and growth of excess hair on the body, with the hair, can appear even on the face.
2. Increased dryness of the skin, peeling.
3. The hair on the head becomes greasier, may fall out.
4. The voice breaks down, becomes rougher.
5. The body acquires masculine traits – the waist disappears, the shoulders become wider.

However, these are only external signs indicating that the hormone testosterone in women is elevated.

There are also internal symptoms of trouble, even more serious than external symptoms:
1. A sudden increase in libido and increased physical endurance.
2. Violation of the cycle until, the disappearance of menstruation.
3. Groundless rudeness, irritability, aggression.

Testosterone supplements for both sexes for proper therapy

However, in the case, if you have low testosterone levels my can restore its shortage eating useful foods and getting a proper testosterone treatment.
Here is the list of the best testosterone supplements aimed to normalize hormone production in the body:

Oxandrolone cycle;
Cabergoline bodybuilding.

Each of them aligned on increasing testosterone production that is enough for gaining muscle power and getting a normal level of male hormones. As each medicament, the physician should prescribe these preparations.