Buy Letrozole (Femara) 2.5 mg for Men Online: Price, Cycle, Dosage, Reviews

Newbies in the steroid circuit could use a crash course in AIs, also known as aromatase inhibitors. Most cycles would be considered incomplete without incorporating an efficacious AI into the mix. Enter letrozole. Oddly enough, letrozole, as a name, is far more common than the brand—Femara.

It’s kinda like calling Xanax alprazolam instead or saying diphenhydramine rather than Benadryl. However, like the commonly used paracetamol or acetaminophen (which can also be called Tylenol or Panadol—both the former and the latter dependent upon which country or part of the world you live in), or ibuprofen in place of Motrin, letrozole is on the tips of muscly tongues of bodybuilders much more often than Femara is.

So what is Letrozole (Femara) anyway? Our aim here is to break it down for you, so you have the right tools in your toolbox (or gym bag) to make an informed decision on the best AI for your cycle.

What is Letrozole (Femara)?

By definition, letrozole is, like we said, an aromatase inhibitor whose main function serves to thwart the functionality of the enzyme aromatase. The aromatase enzyme produces estrogen, ergo letrozole’s nonsteroidal mechanism of action is as an antiestrogen agent.

Without getting too deep into the hemes and cytochromes and other nomenclature of biochemistry that will undoubtedly send your noggin into a whirlwind tizzy of confusion, we’ll make it simple. Here’s what letrozole is usually prescribed for.

Common Letrozole Uses

Before gaining celebrity status in the muscleman sphere, Letrozole uses included treatment of breast cancer (of the metastatic receptor positive varieties, where the Tamoxifen adjuvent proved less effective) primarily in postmenopausal women, endometriosis, and gynecomastia (male breast enlargement, or uncontrollable manboobs).

However, we reckon we know why you’re here and it’s because of the uncustomary, anomalous uses of letrozole employed by the bodybuilding brotherhood (or sisterhood? Hey ladies…).

Letrozole: Better Bodybuilding for Men

Letrozole bodybuilding for men applications still use the same estrogen blocker capabilities of the AI. When a guy takes an external testosterone steroid, estrogen levels generally tend to soar—skyrocket even. It’s not difficult to comprehend why such an aftereffect would be disadvantageous for dudes trying to bulk up and improve their masculine physique.

Letrozole Dosage for Bodybuilding

The optimal letrozole dosage in bodybuilding is lesser than the standard dosage for carcinoma, which is 2.5 mg daily. To protect against estrogenic side effects of an anabolic cycle, the typical user would greatly benefit from a letrozole dose of half to one milligram per day. Competitive bodybuilders would gear up for a competition with a full milligram each day for 7–14 days leading up to said competition. AIs are utilized to prevent water retention, so the competitor will be able to sport a totally ripped bod of Adonis proportions.

A 2.5 mg dose for men would be quite an energy drainer, but if you’re experiencing symptoms of gynecomastia, this is the most beneficial dose for staving off swollen breasticles.

The half-life of letrozole may ever so slightly vary depending on each individual’s physiological makeup. However, it’s urinally recovered within approximately two days, and the plasma’s concentration will return to base level after four weeks post cessation of a daily 2.5 mg dose.

Buy Online to Get the Best Price of Letrozole

Unlike many (but not all) anabolic steroids, letrozole is not a controlled substance under feederal law. In fact, it’s widely available in pharmacies throughout all fifty states, but can only be obtained via if you can present a prescription written by a licensed physician or other healthcare provider. Of course, in order to do so, one would require a diagnosis of one of the aformentioned diseases.

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Note that since inception, letrozole (as a chemical name) is frequently found under the guise of Femara, which is a trademark from pharma giant, Novartis. There are several other brands of letrozole as well, but Femara is the most widely known.

Letrozole Side Effects

Letrozole side effects are very similar to those of other AIs, such as Arimidex. One might expect to experience some tiredness or fatigue, this is the most prevalent, however, when combined with anabolic roids, the effects of the latter counteract the former.

Bone density becomes compromised, thus raising the risk of osteoperosis, which is also the reason for letrozole’s effects on teeth and tooth pain.

Other issues include weight gain, headaches, hypertension, feelings of despondency, and sensations of warmth and heat on the skin.

Cardiac side effects are also of concern, as Letrozole can induce cardiac toxicity.

Reviews from Letrozole Users

Reviews from satisfied AI testers include both positives and negatives. The drug certainly does its job, but it comes with unavoidable side effects, and it’s up to the person to decide what they can handle.