Buy Dianabol (Methandienone) 10mg Tablets Online: Cycle, Results, Reviews

Without a doubt, Dianabol is among the most prominent anabolic steroids out there. Here we’ll strive to explain as much about the wondrous (albeit scandalous) drug including dianabol before and after results, ugly side effects, cyclic usage and how to take it for bodybuilding and physical form enhancement.

A Brief History of Dianabol Steroids

Dianabol steroids may also be called Perabol, methandienone, dehydromethyltestosterone, metandienone, methandrostenolone, methylboldenone, all of which are synonymous to the infamous anabolic adaptogen. It even has an alternative nickname—DBOL.

Borne out of CIBA, an acronym for Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie Basel, labs in Switzerland in 1955, Dianabol made its way to patented status in the states just two years after. Seniors, victims with burns, and sufferers of dwarfism and hypogonadism all benefited from this revolutionary drug, as did professional athletes and weight lifting trainers, though this was not the original intention.

Legality issues surrounding Dianabol popped up in the 60s, when the government cracked down on the manufacturer to provide further substantiation on the drug’s safety and potency. Twenty years following that, the US Food and Drug Administration banned Dianabol in 1985 and subsequently forbode it under the law in 1990.

However, obtaining Dianabol from overseas and across borders is still permissible and widely accepted, as plenty of countries have not outlawed the drug. Russians have a particular affinity for DBOL. Pharmacies like this one [**********] are an excellent choice.

Why Are Dianabol Pills (Methandienone) So Popular?

Dianabol pills (Methandienone) are beloved in the steroid and bodybuilding sect for their astonishingly fast-acting, easily noticeable and striking, explosive effects on muscles. Meatheads who wanna hastily bulk up can impress their peers with a surreptitious Dianabol cycle.

Such muscle-building potential comes with extreme fat loss as well, which lends to beautiful, defined biceps and rock hard abs. The metabolism is supercharged too, which means you can pig out and all the protein ingested turns into muscles, while the waste subsides without adding fat.

Training on Dianabol is a breeze since tiredness and fatigue is lessened, and the retention of nitrogen means harder pumping. Think superhuman strength and stamina of champion proportions.

The half life of Dianabol is extremely short, just a few hours, so the blood remains at a healthy concentration level.

Its popularity has only risen due to market competition, which means more competitive prices for the consumer. Pharmacies abroad [**********] offer genuine Dianabol products at staggeringly low costs. More on the most suitable places to score DBOL in the conclusion.

Dianabol Before and After Results

A quick scan in Google turns up results from eager bodybuilders—from fledgling newcomers to pros with eons of experience—who madly rave about the aftereffects of a Dianabol cycle. A simple, conventional 8-week cycle could easily yield a muscle gain upwards of a whopping 30 lbs!

Images show ripped brawniness in previously puny physiques.

A Beginner Dianabol Cycle for Men

For a kickstart to your gains, a four to six Dianabol cycle is ideal. Stack Dianabol with other gear to prolong the cycle and maximize your muscle-building aptitude.

The best way to take it is an injection as this decreases the toxic properties it can have on the liver, however, oral ingurgitation is also commonplace.

Experts say that doses of 5mg, 10mg max daily should not be exceeded by beginners.

Is Dianabol Safe for Women?

Due to infertilization problems and virilization factors, women should steer clear of Dianabol. Women tend to endure a rather masculine transformation on DBOL—traits like male hair growth and a deepened voice occur. Unfortunately, such effects are irreversible in females and female bodybuilders are encouraged to source an alternative option.

Are There Any Dianabol Side Effects and Is it Safe?

Side effects are an unavoidable aspect of taking androgenic anabolic steroids. Some rather undesirable Dianabol side effects may include:

  • Shrunken nuts
  • Weakened cardiovascular system
  • Aggression and other mental health instability issues
  • Oddly placed excess, unexpected hair growth compounded by baldness on the head, a right switcharoo
  • Difficulties getting a good night’s sleep
  • Bloat
  • Gynecomastia (bitch tits, for lack of better word)
  • Pimply skin

Additionally, DBOL can increase one’s risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, and liver cancer.

Despite the above unpleasant symptoms, DBOL is still one of the most widely coveted steroids for bodybuilding, and many men only experience such effects on a minor scale if at all.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Dianabol for Sale?

We’d never suggest that buying your Dianabol from a street dealer who’s procured his stock from an underground lab in someone’s basement—regardless of its legal status—is a bright idea. You might be getting a cheap price and instant gratification from the immediacy of the purchase, but you’re also at risk of inauthentic ingredients behind the label.

Find a genuine product online from a respectable pharmacy that has Dianabol for sale. Our team recommends this pharmaceutical outlet [*********] for buying your powder, oral tablets, and injectables.