Methandienone – the purpose of an effective steroid for athletes!

MethandienoneMethandienone 10mg is a powerful steroid with androgenic effect made by pharmaceutical producer in India, which gives a significant enlargement in body weight due to the accumulation of water in the body system and also increases body power. The main active ingredient is Methandienone. This mean was invented in the USA in 60’s and has been on the market for such a long time. The first destination of this agent is medical one. This medicament can be prescribed for the treatment of burns, increasing women body tone and the speeding up of body recovery processes.

It drug is strongly aromatized, so during usage, you need to take aromatase inhibitors to control the indicators of estradiol, which in turn will avoid unnecessary water retention in the body.

Later, this mean has started to be widely used by athletes to build muscle mass and increase the strengths. It should be noted that the toxic effect of Methandienone is more exaggerated, while its anabolism is understated. It was found out by the numerous studies and sports practice that this steroid will allow gaining up to 8 kilograms of muscle mass. Methandienone shows little estrogen activity, has a moderate effect on the liver. The duration effect of the oral steroid is 6-8 hours, the detection time on doping control is up to three months, so for professional athletes, the injection form is more preferable.

Methandienone 10mg – the main features of an effective steroid

Effects of the intake:
1. Muscle mass increasing.
2. Decreasing of fatty deposits.
3. Bone system strengthening.
4. Strength indicators growing, with a set of muscle mass.
5. Mild androgenic effect.

Methandienone – some tips of proper and effective intake of steroid

Methandienone 20mgThe course of this drug is recommended for adult athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. The tablet form of the steroid is classical, while the injectable form has practically no analogues. The maximum safe daily dosage is 30 milligrams. It is desirable to take the drug for 3 times: this allows to avoid sudden jumps in the hormonal levels. To start a course is better with a minimum dosage of 5mg, gradually increasing it to the optimum one. The maximum recommended duration of steroid is 6 weeks.

Using the form of injections, you can follow the same scheme as for the oral drug. There possibilities of jumps in blood pressure during the course. In this case, it is recommended to use antihypertensives. It is also highly recommended to increase testosterone naturally during steroid intake. Therefore, the most reasonable way is eating a healthy food like seafood, nuts, vegetables, fruits and greens.

Methandienone 10mg – unwanted effects of the agent

In the case of ignoring the scheme intake of aromatase inhibitors, estrogenic manifestations in the form of gynecomastia are possible. Methandienone converts to methyl ethadione, which has a third greater affinity for estrogen receptors. The influence of methane on the liver is moderate. The most frequent and almost inevitable consequence of taking a steroid is fluid retention, which leads to a significant retracement of the weight gain after the course. In addition, possible side effects like acne, rapid increase and decrease of sexual desire, hair loss, and female masculinization.

Methandienone 10mg where is better and faster to purchase the drug

The most convenient way to get this agent is buying it online. This method gives a chance to check the prices, read the instruction of the medicament to see if this drug is suitable for you and also to make a quick order and allows to get the needed drug within a couple of days. Using such way of purchasing you can get what you want not leaving the house.