Methenolone – a safe means for gaining qualitative muscle mass!

Methenolone is an anabolic steroid with low androgenic activity, as well as a moderate anabolic lack of aromatization phenomena. It is usually used on drying muscle, or when a small increase in quality musculature is needed. Athletes around the world approve that this steroid is fairly easy and safe, which makes it indispensable for beginning athletes who need a safe increase of muscle mass and power.

Like any other steroid, this medication has the following effects:

1. Methenolone enanthateThe practically complete absence of conversion to estrogens. Due to this, Methenolone is a priority for those athletes who are concerned about the possible occurrence of gynecomastia.
2. Moderate fat burning, as well as the ability to effectively conserve muscle during a tight diet due to a significant delay in nitrogen in the body. With a low-calorie diet, an athlete can maintain the current musculature, while still slightly increasing muscle fibers. These features make the drug particularly appropriate during periods of “drying.” In addition, the preparation has a very positive effect on the “quality” of the musculature, making it more marked and expressed, especially in combination with fat burners or similar in activity means.
3. The growth of force indicators with insignificant weight gain. Due to this, the drug may appeal to athletes, who need to maintain a weight category, coupled with a simultaneous increase in athletic results.
4. Weak toxicity for the liver. Moreover, this steroid option has been proven to be an effective drug in the treatment of liver cirrhosis due to its ability to stabilize globulin levels.

Methenolone enanthate – a fast agent on the way to gaining a perfect body

Methenolone injection forms encompass the ether of methenolone enanthate and have a considerable advantage in comparison to tablets. Medication injection may be done only once a week. In addition, the injection form is less prone to cleavage in the liver, which also makes this medication more bioavailable.

Due to its safety and softness, it is often chosen as the first course for beginners or women. It is mainly used by athletes during drying, since it retains muscles to a greater degree, rather than facilitating their recruitment. The drug very slightly increases muscle mass.

Methenolone acetate – purchase a tablet form for convenient usage

Methenolone acetateThe main substance of the drug produced in tablets is Methenolone Acetate. Tablets are quickly removed from the body which is a huge advantage.

It is used when an athlete needs a soft anabolic, especially in the last stages of training. It can also be selected if the risk of side effects is high. It is considered a positive that the preparation is not a c17 alpha alkaline ester, which is typical for oral steroids. Due to the lack of this substance, this drug is one of the few oral steroids commercially available, which does not put a heavy load on the liver. Although in rare cases the drug affects the amount of enzymes in the liver, it does not cause serious problems. If you are using the oral form of the drug, a high daily dose is necessary.

Methenolone for sale – its undesirable effects and dosage

This is one of the safest anabolic steroids, among the ones available in today’s market. Its weakly expressed conversion to estrogens reduces the risk of gynecomastia and excessive “puffiness,” and low androgenic activity makes it safe for those who have a genetic tendency to baldness or have problems with their prostate.

Noteworthy is that there is not too much influence on testosterone levels. A significant decrease in testosterone appears only with a “severe” and long-term course.

When the dosages are overestimated, mental and physical arousal can occur, accompanied by insomnia and invasive behavior. There is a possibility of an effect on the liver shown through the increase in the level of hepatic enzymes, which can manifest with repeated use and inflated doses. With proper body control by a doctor and a strict regimen of all the recommendations, you can avoid the adverse side effects.

The average dose of the oral form is 40-50 milligrams per day, and the injection is 400 milligrams 1 time per week.

Any kind of Methenolone is available for anyone to buy for available cost

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