Buy Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Tablets Online: Dosage, Cycle, Gains

Primobolan is the brand name and general moniker for the oral anabolic steroid drug, methenolone enanthate.

Think back to 2009, remember the Yankees scandal? In front of a packed press conference, and with fellow team members standing nearby, Alex Rodriguez — otherwise known as A-Rod — detailed his use of performance enhancing meds as a younger player. He went on to state that he acquired steroids via illicit means in The Dominican Republic. The former shortstop named Primoloban as one of those consumed.

While his field game may have improved, the young player paid a hefty cost: the loss of a ten year, 252 million dollar contract. His past exploits didn’t deter his current squeeze, the illustrious singer, songwriter, actress, and general hottie, Jennifer Lopez, though.

Back in the day, what drove this man to take such a financial risk, and at the detriment of his reputation? He points to youth and the seductive effects of “bolli”.

Just what are those effects and how can Primoloban be utilized by men who don’t stand to lose so much? Join us as we delve into the world of what the cool kids call “bollee” and discover, among other things: what is Primobolan enanthate (methenolone enanthate)? On that note …

What Is Primobolan Enanthate (Methenolone Enanthate)?

Hold onto your hotdogs, it’s about to get technical. Just kidding, we know you readers have done your research and know anabolics from catabolics. Here’s a crash course on Primobolan, just in case.

Primobolan enanthate is referred to as a “soft” oral anabolic steroid. This shouldn’t denote fluffiness though, the term here means this steroid has a low androgenic integrant. Effects are build up slowly and over longer periods of time. Because of the lessened immediate impact on the body, in comparison to similar meds, Primobolan is known as an excellent choice for beginner users. Considering a deep dive into the Primobolanian universe? Read on.

Primobolan Side Effects

Primobolan side effects are minuscule and carry fewer tangible dangers than other drugs of its type. In fact, this steroid is characterized by its noticeable lack of estrogenic ramifications. Nevertheless, no drug is without a knock on or three. Here’s what you may expect with Primobolan:

  • A slight hit to your libido (unlikely)
  • Cholesterol changes (minimal)
  • Altered blood pressure levels (rare)
  • An enlarged clitoris (women only, relatively uncommon)
  • Virilization (possible with misuse)

Not too shocking or troublesome given the acne, hair loss, and horrific assorted side effects conferred by others in its drug family. Still, safe usage is key.

Primobolan Cycle

The accepted Primobolan cycle is debatable. Most users keep the drug firmly in the cutting camp for weight loss and muscle gains. Others laud it as the perfect stack companion during a bulking cycle. Either way, don’t push the boat out: four weeks on and five off works well for shredders and bodybuilders alike.

Primobolan Dosage

Primobolan dosage varies depending on the cycle. General guidelines are: Orally, aim for once per day. For women, this amount should be 45 – 75 milligrams per day. Men can go a bit higher.

Injectable Primobolan is far stronger and not as metabolized by your liver. Aim for 60 – 100 mg every week.

Primobolan Before and After Results

The reviews are in, and they’re fantastic. The Primobolan before and after results reported by our users point to increased mass, a lack of fat deposits across all muscle groups, impeccable shredding ability, and heightened athletic prowess. Results did vary on an individual basis and were contingent on cycles and dosages. Listen to what our dedicated test subjects said below:

“Holy Hecking Shit. This was worth every penny I invested in it. I’m trim, in top shape, and competition ready. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat Mister!” – Mary N. 34, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Was initially hesitant because of the cost factor. Spoke to a few of my experienced boys who said they’d die to give this stuff a shot go I jumped on the bandwagon myself. Six cycles later, zero discernable side effects, and massive mass gains, I’m a firm convert.” – Abdul A. 29, Brooklyn, NYC.

Primobolan for Sale

Seeking Primobolan for sale? You’re not alone. The quantifiable results in tandem with minute side effect level make Primobolan sought after in many circles. Contrary to the beliefs of some, Primobolan tablets aren’t created equal. Street bought drugs are frequently of questionable quality and the cost may skyrocket far beyond expectation.

Of course, Primobolan is not available over the counter (OTC) or direct from Bayer! However, unscrupulous methods are not required to get your hot little hands on this medicine. Try a reputable online retailer. We recommend [**********].

Anyone looking for an affordable boost should look elsewhere. Primo is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Compounding this facet of the steroid is its illegality—Primobolan rides a legal gray area which drives prices higher still.

Effectiveness and quality manufacturing costs hard-won moolah, and that’s exactly what you get with Primobolan—one of the best steroids available with minimal side effects and exceptional results. Powder your nose pumpkin and get involved. Your ripped body will thank you for it.