Nandrolone injections –an effective mean for muscle mass growing

Nandrolone – a steroid made in the form of injections that is considered to be one of the most common among anabolic steroids around the world. The body system may produce this substance during hard and long physical activity. Nevertheless, its concentration is too small. The medicament was first produced in 1962, and nowadays it has a wide popularity on pharmacology market. The popularity of the mean is so high due to the high anabolic activity with a low likelihood of unwanted effects. The drug begins to work in just a few hours after injection and effect are lasting for 7-10 days. Like many anabolic steroids, the drug was developed for use in medicine: for faster recovery of damaged tissues after surgery, injuries, etc. Over time, its properties were noticed by athletes, and gradually it gained popularity and fame in gyms.

Main actions of agent:Nandrolone
1. Muscle mass growing.
2. Increasing of force.
3. Consolidation of bones, ligaments and joints.
4. Stimulation of synovial fluid secretion.
5. Increasing of erythrocyte mass.
6. Endurance increasing.
7. Quick recovery between workouts.

Nandrolone decanoate to purchase as a very good male power activator

Nandrolone Decanoate is one of the most famous and powerful anabolic steroids. Anabolic activity is increased to 150% in comparison with testosterone injections, and androgenic activity is reduced. This makes it a strong anabolic, and the side effects of androgenic nature are much less pronounced. The drug provides significant muscle growth, strengthens the bone system, eliminates joint pain, improves oxygen delivery to the body and strengthens immunity. Such a list of merits could not leave the athletes indifferent. Therefore, this drug is in high demand among amateurs and pro bodybuilders.

This is one of the most excellent drugs in the ratio of quality and cost. For more than fifty years, many athletes have had the opportunity to verify personally its effectiveness.

This remedy is practically not aromatized and almost non-toxic for the liver. From this point of view, its use is safer than testosterone. On the other hand, it can cause disturbances in connection with the progestogenic activity, so injections can not be named completely safe.

Nandrolone is great to get more male power and gain muscles

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate injection is a drug that is effective in drying courses and qualitative muscle growth. It has powerful anabolic and moderate androgenic features, has weak aromatization, consequently, minimal or absent water accumulation.

The main effect in sport is the qualitative muscles increasing. Also, throughout the course, the agent provides the fat burning, improves the relief of the muscles, increases blood formation and oxygen transport, efficiency, strengthens ligaments, joints and bones, and even enhances immunity, all these effects only make its popularity in sport wider.

The drug does not induce maximum muscle growth, like prolonged testosterone medicaments, but promotes the achievement of higher results. Due to the specificity of the effect, it is often used in drying courses, effectively developing the athleticism of both sexes. It has relatively low risk of adverse androgenic effects, so the drug for sporting purposes can be recommended even to women. Nevertheless, to avoid virilization, athletes should adhere to the minimum dosage, otherwise, nothing guarantees harmlessness.

The possible side effects of Nandrolone during usage of medicament

Nandrolone decanoateThe most common negative effect is the decreasing of male power and the absence of an erection. To neutralize it directly on the course, it is necessary to use powerful androgenic drugs, for example, testosterone. That is why there is an ideal combination of Nandrobol with testosterone.

Due to progestin activity, the course of this mean can not be combined with similar drugs, such as trenbolone or anapolon. Gynecomastia is possible only at huge dosages or incorrect combinations. If the nipples are swelling and itching appears it is recommended to start taking Proviron and Dopex as soon as possible – special drugs that suppress the side effects of this mean.

Acne, Hair growth, baldness- are very rare side effects, and appear only when the dosage is exceeded several times.

The drug has a low conversion to estrogens. This is confirmed by studies where it was discovered that the level of conversion to estrogens is 5 times less, in comparison with testosterone. Therefore, this agent does not cause such side effects as: gynecomastia, liquid accumulation, etc. Although this is possible, but when the dosage is exceeded.

The right dosage of Nandrolone to get the desired result of the therapy

The best results of using the drug are achieved by taking 4mg of it per 1 kg of weight once a week. It was noted that the dosage is less than 200 mg/week gives a very weak effect. That is why the optimal dose tested in practice is 200 – 600 mg of mean per week.

In the case of higher doses, the effectiveness of the drug does not increase. So 1500mg a week will not give higher results, only will cause the harm to the body. The beginners should remember that to get good results they will only need to use not more than 200 mg of the drug per week.

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