Buy Anadrol (Oxymetholone 50mg) Pills Online: Cycle, Dosage, Costs, Results

What is Anadrol? (Oxymetholone)

What is Anadrol? Put simply, it is an anabolic steroid. It’s a synthetic hormone that isn’t naturally produced in our anatomy. Anadrol includes all kinds of androgens, a type of hormone. The most commonly known androgen is testosterone.

Anadrol is used different purposes, but the most prevailing condition that Anadrol medicates is anemia—deteriorating hemoglobin levels and iron. There are other, alternative, perverse functions as well—which is probably why you’re here, right? To get started on the right cycle for pumping up the size and shape of your muscles.

Culturally, steroids are oft associated with cheating in sports and physical competitions, as athletes sometimes ingest or inject anabolics like Anadrol to gain a physical advantage over their opposition. Irrespective of licitness, doping scandals seem to wash up in the news and media every year. There’s obviously wild appeal for even the fittest of players to beef up their workout routine in an attempt to become akin to godly competitive warriors.

Let’s explore what an Anadrol regime entails.

Cycling Anadrol

Because Anadrol and other anabolic steroids are so imperious, it’s often necessary to limit the dosage or control how long an individual is on the drug. Many androgenic anabolic steroids can be toxic and poisonous to the delicate liver that metabolizes AAS—especially if the person uses the drug in excess, or over an inordinately extended period of time.

This is why you see people cycling anadrol. Normally, a six-week cycle is sufficient enough for a user to experience a massive gain in strength, muscle growth, etc., as Anadrol is three times as anabolic as testosterone. Going longer than six weeks is dangerous and should be eschewed. Sometimes, however, Anadrol is cycled in conjunction with other drugs like aromatase inhibitors, to neutralize the testosterone. Cycle length, dosing schedule, and stacks will vary among consumers.

Anadrol Recommended Dosage

For most bucks, a 50mg dosage is adequate, considering just how monstrously potent the drug is. It’s three times as anabolic as testosterone, which cannot be stressed enough. Because of that, taking a huge dose would be hazardous to one’s physical constitution.

Howbeit, smaller dosages won’t pack quite the same punch that the larger 50mg would. This dosage, over a six week time period, is apposite to see massive gains in weight (anywhere between 10–25 plus pounds).

Before and After Results of Anadrol

As stated above, the effects of the drug are insane. Users will easily observe colossal increases in strength, muscle size, and tone with Anadrol. It makes building muscle easy, and much of the musculature built will stick around long after you wean off it—provided you continue to exercise and eat properly.

This makes it an effective drug for those looking for such results, as it accelerates and improves the rate at which one builds muscle, while simultaneously increasing size and weight.

50mg Pills of Anadrol for Sale

You can legally buy anadrol on the market. It’s not illegal and medications of this type are normally classified as a growth supplement. It’s typically employed by individuals who want to increase their size, strength, and weight. There are countless brands and dosages available, but Anadrol is the most profuse. 50mg pills often come in collections of 60 or more, and can run you approximately $50–$60 depending on how many pills you are buying at once. For a full six-week dose of two pills per day, you’ll need about 84 pills.

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How to Take/Use Anadrol

While there are usually different ways to take drugs, such as suppositories, injections, and topical gels, Anadrol is most commonly delivered via oral medication: taken by ingesting pills, once to thrice daily. More than three times a day is unadvised.

Some people will take one pill in the morning, and one at night, while squeezing in their weight lifting and exercising around midday in order to maximize the pill’s effects to their advantage. The easiest way to time the dosages would be to incorporate it into mealtimes at predetermined hours, and maintain a through log of consumption.

Possible Anadrol Side Effects

There are several common side effects from Anadrol—some more serious than others. Medication side effects should always be taken seriously, and if you’re noticing severe side effects, we’d recommend ceasing usage, as your health should be top priority.

Some Anadrol side effects comprise of:

Other side effects could also be caused by conflicting, contraindicated medications, so inform yourself prior to starting an Anadrol cycle.

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