Oxymetholone – purposes of the medication in bodybuilding!

OxymetholoneOxymetholone has very powerful anabolic and androgenic qualities. For a long time, this drug has been used to treat anemia, until a more secure erythropoietin appeared, which raises the number of red blood cells, without unwanted androgenic effects.

The main effect of this agent is pronounced muscle growth. The agent is one of the most effective – the athlete is gaining about 15 kg, and the anabolic effect is manifested rather quickly. In addition, this method helps to increase strength, helps to heal injuries, accumulates water in particular bags, works well to heal joints and ligaments, and removes painful sensations during working out with weights. In addition, it inhibits the production of its own testosterone.

Oxymetholone 50 is able to raise immunity, increase resistance to various infectious diseases, and increase endurance; all of this is due to steroid action. Additionally, the number of erythrocytes in the blood plasma increases.

Some athletes and bodybuilders specifically take this medication so that on the day of going on stage, their muscles will appear more prominent and seem more pumped up.

Oxymetholone injection or tablet forms – dosages for a good result

Oxymetholone injectable or tablet formsThe injectable form of the drug is almost never released now, so the basic form of release is a tablet.

The drug usage is allowed to adult people without any health concerns. Before starting the procedure, you need to go through some medical survey and consult a doctor. The dosage and duration of the course of tablets are chosen individually and they depend on the aims and objectives of the individual taking them, the pharmacological experience, and also specific body features. The recommended duration of intake is 4-6 weeks and the maximum allowable dosage is 100 milligrams daily. The increase of the regular intake, as a rule, does not lead to better results, but only raises the possibility of side effects. Beginners should confine themselves to taking a dosage of 50 mg a day.

After the intake of this drug, post-course therapy is necessary within 3-4 weeks to restore the level of endogenous hormone; testosterone replacement should be used. The maximum effect of this remedy can be noticed best with an appropriate and well-balanced diet.

Oxymetholone for sale – all possible results of the intake of the steroid

Positive results of medication:
1. The fast growth of muscle fibers. This drug provides a large increase in weight compared to other popular steroids.
2. The increase of power levels and intensity of training.
3. Increased stamina.
4. Improved oxygen transport due to increased production of hemoglobin.
5. Elimination of joint pain caused by overexertion.
6. Improvement to joint mobility.
7. Protection of joints and ligaments from injury.
8. Accelerates the processes of regeneration and recovery.
9. Accelerates anabolic processes.
10. Stimulates the production of erythropoietin. This improves the biochemical profile of the blood.
11. Reduces the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Therefore, all anabolic steroids in combination with this drug provide the maximum effect.

Oxymetholone – the main side effects could happen during the intake

If we are going to speak about the side effects, their quantity and value can be neglected. A clinical trial was conducted on people who were taking this drug for 30 days, practicing almost daily grueling training and only one of them had problems at the time of blood donation. As it turned out, the side effects were caused by the use of alcohol, and not by the use of this drug. In case of an overdose, there may be nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. Therefore, it is better to fully comply with all instructions and your course to avoid such problems.

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