Testosterone Cypionate Injection of 200mg Dosage Cycle for Bodybuilding

While many supplement sellers and natural-focused personal trainers would have you believe that everyone can achieve the same results as professional bodybuilders without adding hormone treatments. The myth is that it is achievable, but takes longer with diet and exercise. The truth lies in the middle. You can change your body organically, but to make gains like the pros — you might have to juice.

This is an accepted fact in the bodybuilding circuit. The trick is to approach the puzzle with orderliness and the supervision of an expert. Continue reading to uncover the secrets to testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

Originally developed as a drug, this injectable hormone was named Depo-testosterone. Once the patent expired and generics were allowed to bloom, it was sold as testosterone cypionate (the active ingredients). This shot treats hypogonadism, better known as low testosterone in males.

The affordable testosterone cypionate cycle is the most used testosterone replacement therapy internationally. The term “cycle” describes a complete series of treatments. Users will inject a dose approximately every two weeks for 10 to 12 weeks to finish one cycle. Read on to learn about dosage recommendations and frequency.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

As with most medications or therapies, testosterone cypionate dosage is adjusted to each individual. We can go over the general ranges though for public knowledge.

Only users over 18 years old should consider using testosterone. Depending on age, T-levels, fitness goals, and health chart, amounts will vary from 50 to 400 mg with a shot every two to four weeks. This continues for up to 12 weeks and at that time a doctor reviews your progress to see if you want to continue. Many guys prefer to cycle on and off to keep their body from hitting a plateau, while others continue to supplement for years at a time.

Testosterone Cypionate 200mg

While the data can vary, typical adults males use a dosage of testosterone cypionate 200mg for their therapy. The majority of men find this to be satisfactory for 400 mg throughout the month. This best brand and amount sold throughout North America is popular for achieving weight loss and muscle gain results.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection for Beginners

Having to stick a syringe into yourself can be scary for beginners. Do not worry, plenty of men and women mix up powder and give themselves shots every day.

Pointers for starting with a testosterone cypionate injection:

  • Sterilize the insertion site. A needle makes a tiny wound. You want to make sure everything is clean. Use a new hypodermic needle each time. Wipe the skin with an alcohol swab to remove bacteria and germs from the surface.
  • Move the spot around. Injecting into the same spot repeatedly will cause muscle soreness and increase the risk of infection because the spot isn’t allowed to heal properly.
  • Pick a big muscle. The least pain will be in the upper arm, thigh, or buttocks.
  • Establish a schedule. The process works best if you are consistent. Hormones are sensitive to your circadian rhythm. The best time to inject is in the morning when levels are naturally high. If you have trouble remembering, set an alarm.

Therapy Frequency for Bodybuilding

If your goals for replacement therapy is bodybuilding, the procedure differs. Bodybuilders are looking to raise T-levels above what their biology allows. Because of this, users will take larger doses of 400 to 500 mg each. Injections are three times a week for 12 weeks. Some users expand their injections to as much as 600 to 700 milligrams.

A common method is to stack T with anabolic compounds like Human Growth Hormone. In this case, 200 mg shots are the standard.

To track progress of your training and supplementation, experts recommend taking periodic pictures. Gains can be slow and hard to measure with the naked eye and photos offer an objective perspective. Plus, it is fun to see your hard work pay off!

Tips for Coming Off of Testosterone

When you are coming off, withdrawal symptoms are part of the game. They vary from minor to severe and the duration depends on how long you have been on a cycle. Long term users will have more difficulties than short term participants.

Injections have a longer half life of a few weeks while transdermal patch users have a shorter taper off. Reduce withdrawal symptoms by lowering the dosage for a few weeks before stopping injections. Going cold turkey can be a disaster. Common side-effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Muscle loss

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

Interested in buying? It will run you the price of $12 to $16 per dose. Also, factor in the cost of syringes, alcohol pads, and sharps disposal containers.

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