What to Know About Testosterone Injections: How to, Benefits, Sites, Dosage

Men who are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone could be suffering in silence. Therapies exist that can help them get back what low T-levels have stolen from them like their sex drive, libido, strength, and even erections.

Experts from Harvard recommend testosterone therapy for men who meet the following qualifications:

  • A blood test with results lower than 300 ng/dl
  • Accompanying prerequisites of low T like fatigue, ED, weight gain, etc.

Men who should avoid testosterone therapy because of health risks include men with the following conditions:

  • Previous cancer diagnosis, especially prostate or breast cancer
  • Prostate issues
  • Sleep apnea
  • Urinary Tract Issues
  • Heart irregularities

If you meet the first two requirements and don’t match any of the latter list, you could be a prime candidate for testosterone supplementation.

Testosterone Injection Benefits

The most often doctor prescribed method to receive testosterone is through injection. This is the oldest and most inexpensive way to receive the medication. Testosterone injection benefits include:

  • Healthier blood and heart. Injections boost the number of red blood cells in the stream. Red cells are tasked with oxygen transportation throughout the body to all vital organs and muscles. More red blood cells mean better oxygen levels and improved performance of all functions.
  • Greater lean muscle mass. The oxygen and hormone augmentation help build lean muscle. This not only makes men stronger, but it also aids in weight management.
  • Higher sperm count. One of the red flags for low T-levels is trouble impregnating women partners. Replacing lost testosterone can ignite better sperm production.
  • Elevated mood. In studies, men have reported better mood, less irritability, and a newfound sense of well-being while undergoing testosterone injections.

Testosterone Injection Dosage

The CPT code outlines a starting testosterone injection dosage of 200 to 250 mg. Each dosage is repeated every two to three weeks. How much exactly is administered will vary depending on the individual and can be dropped down to as low as 100 mg per shot.

Treatment is done in cycles where the patient receives injections approximately every 2 weeks for a period. Typically, 10 to 12 weeks is how long it takes to complete one cycle.

How Much Do Testosterone Shots Cost?

The different types will determine how much an individual will spend on testosterone shots. Price points for the most prescribed brand, Depo-Testosterone is approximately 1 ml for $30. The generic version, testosterone cypionate, varies from $12 to $26 for the same volume. Depending on the dosage amount, frequency, and insurance coverage, a patient can expect to pay $24 to $120 per month or beyond.

How to Inject Testosterone

There are two main ways how to inject testosterone:

1) From a physician or licensed nurse,

2) Self Injection. Since you need to inject the drug intramuscularly, not specifically into a vein, it is fairly simple once you get used to the idea of stabbing yoursel. Is it safe to self inject? Of course, as long as you follow instructions from your healthcare provider.

Tips for the proper and painless injection:

  • Rotating injection sites can offer time for the previous spot to heal and lessen pain.
  • The proper gauge needle. The ideal is needle size between 22 and 25 on the gauge chart.
  • Less volume. Smaller doses more frequently is the pattern that causes the least amount of pain.
  • Prep area with alcohol to sterilize. This will reduce risk of infection at the penetration point.

Testosterone Injection Sites and Side Effects

The best testosterone injection sites are in areas with large muscles and low fat. Primarily those spots are in the arm, thigh, and buttocks. Most men will experience some side effects from both the shot itself and the steroid, they include:

  • Swelling and soreness at the injection site
  • Acne
  • Mood swings
  • Shrinking of testicles

Testosterone Injections for Bodybuilding

Outside of helping a person make up for low T-levels, some men are interested in using testosterone injections for bodybuilding. Using this hormone has proven quite effective in building muscle mass quickly which makes it appealing for ambitious athletes. Under proper supervision, it is safe to utilize the drug this way. However, one should be aware that many athletic organizations including bodybuilding establishments prohibit the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Education and professional oversight will save you from persecution.

Before diving into a cycle, bodybuilders should understand how to wean off the hormone without detrimental effects. Talk with your doctor about the aftermath before making a final decision.

Testosterone Injections for Sale

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