The purpose of testosterone in women’s body and its health influence!

purpose of testosterone in women bodyTestosterone in women’s bodies is highly important. Due to this androgen, follicle develops in the ovaries, which participates in the creation of the skeleton, affects sexual desire, and puts women in a good mood.

If testosterone stays at normal levels, metabolism is optimal, so sports and proper food will provide women with beautiful and elastic muscles.

The condition of bone tissue mostly depends on the concentration of this androgen. In this case, the female hormone performs a protective function: precludes damage to and fractures of bones by strengthening the skeleton. Due to this fact, the testosterone hormone works as osteoporosis prevention. This disorder happens to women at the time of menopause, when the body loses some testosterone levels. It is highly important to keep the level of androgen hormones in order to provide yourself with a healthy body.

Testosterone in women is also a hormone for a cheerful mood. This one allows women to feel good, to overcome stress and fatigue from work overload and stress.

The work of sexual receptors is impossible without this androgen. This hormone also provides sexual desire.

In what cases does the imbalance of testosterone occur for women and what should you fear?

Any disorder of on the hormonal level has its reasons for occurring and the consequences all have very negative effects on one’s health condition.

If testosterone in women’s bloodstream is high, the causes for this may be:

1. Ovaries illnesses. In particular, cancer can disrupt the conversion of testosterone to glucocorticoids.
2. Dysfunction of the pituitary gland. This organ is responsible for the work of endocrine glands, which are involved in the production of the male hormone.
3. Intake of steroid preparations, barbiturates, and hormonal contraceptive tablets.
4. Hereditary factor.

A low level of testosterone can trigger serious diseases: diabetes, osteoporosis, inflammation of the endometrium, breast tumors, heart disease, and blood vessels.

The reasons for decreased androgen in women may be as follows:

1. Diseases of the adrenal glands, hypothalamus, or pituitary gland;
2. Endocrine diseases.
3. Heredity.
4. Tumors of the ovaries.
5. Autoimmune pathology.
6. Age changes.

Normal testosterone levels in women body a key to excellent health

The level of androgen in the female body varies depending on external and internal influences. In addition, the variation of the level of this hormone is closely connected with the time of day (in the morning hours the level is higher, in the evening levels fall), the age, and the phase of the menstruation cycle.
In general, for women of 18 years or more, the normal content of male hormones is 0.24-2.7 nmol / l. The norm of free testosterone for adult women during the reproductive period is 0.5-4.1 pg/ml.

The symptoms and signs for women with high levels of male hormones

testosterone levels in women bodyExcessive production of testosterone and its predecessors leads to the appearance of male characters in women. It is not difficult to diagnose hyperandrogenism. Symptoms for women with high male hormones are as follows:

  • increased sebum secretion;
  • acne;
  • menstrual cycle violation
  • physique according to the male type;
  • the appearance of hair on the face, chest;
  • coarsening of the voice;
  • increased aggression;
  • сlitoral enlargement;
  • increased motor activity.

All the symptoms of low androgen in female body

Decreased testosterone levels in women may lead to general body fatigue. Here are some of the signs of this disorder:

  • brittle hair, nails, dry skin;
  • obesity in the abdomen, neck, and hands;
  • reduction of voice;
  • depression;
  • lack of sexual desire;
  • irritability, tearfulness;
  • decreased bone density;
  • infertility;
  • tachycardia;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • a decrease in memory, attention.

How to increase the concentration of testosterone with various boosters

If any female faces some of these disorders she has to think about how to increase this hormone, so to make it happen she needs to go to her gynecologist and get professional and medical help.

Therapy for women may also consist of testosterone boosters used by males for raising male hormone levels and gaining muscle power. In addition, significantly reducing estrogen levels in women’s bodies can activate the production of testosterone. In addition, some of these drugs have been widely used in the treatment of breast cancer.

Among the best medications that are able to raise androgen, get rid of symptoms of its deficiency, and lower the risks of decreasing testosterone-related disease are:

1. Testosterone cypionate for sale.
2. Drostanolone enanthate.
3. Oxymetholone.
4. Clomiphene.
5. Testosterone cream for women.