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TrenboloneTrenbolone is an androgenic agent in testosterone pills or injections forms, one of the most potent steroids of modern sports pharmacology. It was originally used in veterinary to increase appetite and sizes of cattle.

The binding ability of this agent is great, and 5 times powerful than testosterone. This mean is one of the most powerful to gain a muscle mass and increase strength.

Trenbolone has not only a powerful anabolic profile, but also a powerful androgenic one. Tren is a progestogen, which is expressed in the activation of progesterone receptors.

The medicament is very popular because of the fact it does not have an estrogenic effect and does not undergo aromatization conversion. Thus, athletes do not have excessive fluid accumulation.

Trenbolone results:

  • a considerable muscle mass increasing, allows gaining up to 10 kilograms;
  • the shortening of fatty mass;
  • increasing of sexual activity and desire;
  • insulin-like growth factor increasing;
  • cortisol level raising;
  • power indicators growth.

Trenbolone acetate – your reliable assistant to feel a real male!

The strongest of all the currently available steroids for building muscle mass and strength. This is the most wide-spread drug form, having the shortest period of action. The half-life of this agent is very short, so it must be used daily. The ether is kept in fat stores, the active substance is gradually cleaved into the blood. The average dosage of acetate varies between 50-100 milligrams a day. This means almost does not affect the production of the body’s own testosterone. A big plus of this drug is that it does not retain water and does not aromatize. The mean is ideal for short-term courses. You can use it solo, but for a more tangible effect, it must be combined with other steroids. Side effects – aggressiveness, excessive sweating (mostly at night), increased blood pressure. Side effects are weak and rare.

Trenbolone enanthate unreal results after the intake of the drug

Trenbolone enanthate unreal resultsAccording to its characteristics, the form is similar to cyclohexyl methyl carbonate. This is a less common form of the drug; it is characterized by a longer half-life that is lasting about 10 days. Injections frequency of this form has to be one or two times per week. A dosage of 300 mg per week can be considered effective.
The correct approach to the course of therapy, during Trenbolone Enanthate intake, provides such results:

  • the growth of strength;
  • subcutaneous fat burning;
  • the increase in muscle mass reaches 10 kg per course;
  • growth hormone stimulating;
  • decrease of cortisol;
  • high libido.

If all the requirements are followed, the manifestation of side effect is not high. If the man does not comply the dosages, most likely, he will have such reactions as: skin fat, acne, alopecia, increased aggression, increased blood pressure, decreased libido, testicular atrophy.

Undesirable effects of Trenbolone medicament and some contraindication

Possible quite pronounced adverse reactions. Because of this, many males are simply forced to abandon this powerful steroid, although not all are experiencing such inconveniences.

Common side effects of the drug:

  • the sleep is disturbed;
  • blood pressure rises;
  • irritability, aggression;
  • acne appearance;
  • actively hair falling out;
  • oily skin effect.

During Trenbolone cycle, you can sometimes cough. This is a sign that the tool works. When a substance enters the bloodstream, this reaction is manifested.

Trenbolone cycle – the rules and dosage of proper usage for better effect

Trenbolone acetateIt is one of the few anabolic, that is able significantly increase muscle mass with a solo course. The Trenbolone solo course is very effective; it is one of the few drugs that is not necessarily combined to produce impressive results.

The duration of the course should be 4-8 weeks on short ethers and 8-12 weeks on long ones. Dosages: 50-100mg a day for acetate and 200-400mg per week for enanthate.

Dosage frequency: acetate, as already mentioned above, every other day, and enanthate 1-2 times a week, with horse doses can be set every other day.

On mass gaining courses, acetate is combined with long esters of testosterone, and enanthate with its short ethers. It is reasonable to discuss the course scheme with your doctor or trainer. Do not use big dosage and duration of the drug without consulting a specialist.

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