What is the testosterone’s roles in male and female body systems!

What is testosteroneSo, what is testosterone? Male hormones – androgens – contribute to the formation of male genital organs and contribute to the maintenance and the function of reproduction. Experts call testosterone a hormone, which has made a man out of the male species. The level of testosterone, in many ways, determines the sexual orientation and the style of behavior of men. Male hormones are also found in the female body but in much smaller quantities.

Testosterone is of two types: free and bound, so the test to determine one’s testosterone level may also be of two kinds. Free testosterone is the result of peripheral metabolism. The level of free male hormone in the blood is approximately 2% and it does not depend on transport protein. In the female body, free testosterone increases with hirsutism and with the polycystic ovary.

Testosterone in men affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics, activates the sexual function of men (libido and potency), and stimulates the production of spermatozoa. Testosterone for a female is involved in the development of the follicle in the ovaries.
Normally the testosterone level should correspond to the following indicators:

  • the concentration of this hormone in males should be between 3,61-37,67 nmol/I;
  • in women’s body, this index fluctuates in the region of 0.24-3.8 nmol/l.

The insufficient content of the androgenic substance in the blood is harmful to both men and women. However, its excess is no less harmful.
During puberty, the testosterone level in the blood of a man increases. In the morning, usually there is a rise in testosterone, and in the evening – as a rule, testosterone is low. The level of testosterone in women is raised significantly during pregnancy. Testosterone in the III trimester of pregnancy reaches its maximum values. Usually, elevated testosterone is the norm for a woman during her ovulation period. During menopause, a gradual decrease in testosterone occurs.

What does testosterone do and how important is it for good health

What does testosterone do for men’s organism? The normal production of this hormone is very important. In the male body, testosterone implements the following functions:

  • What does testosterone doaffects the growth of the testicles and penis;
  • is responsible for the formation of a special structure of the larynx, which changes the timbre of the voice;
  • controls the growth of hair by the male type, including their appearance on the face;
  • forms spermatozoa;
  • increases libido and forms the sexual behavior of a man;
  • has an anabolic effect, forming muscle tissue, and strengthening the bones of the skeleton;
  • forms the mood of a man and stimulates his brain activity.

In adolescence, this hormone is responsible for the growth of genital organs, the decrease in the tone of the voice, the formation of the torso and the appearance of youthful acne that are the signs of the active development of testosterone.

In the female body, testosterone is also subjected to a complex chemical process, during which it is converted to estrogen – a female sex hormone. Its functions are as follows:

  • the hormone promotes the formation and further growth of mammary glands;
  • is responsible for reproductive function, in particular, stimulates the development of follicles, within which ovules are maturing;
  • is responsible for the functions of the sebaceous glands;
  • increases libido;
  • provides formation and strengthening of bone tissue;
  • is responsible for the formation of muscle mass;
  • influences mood formation and supports brain activity.

How do testosterone boosters work for those who get them as therapy

In sports shops and sports pharmacies, testosterone boosters can be found in combination with protein, creatine, or separately in the form of capsules, liquid solutions, and tablets. And gladly nowadays there is a possibility to buy the absolute majority of them without prescription.

Vitamin complexes, minerals, and, most importantly, substances of vegetable or other origins that can affect the level of endogenous human testosterone can be found in testosterone boosters.

Testosterone boosters are supplements, the main purpose of which is the rise of testosterone levels and with it to increase the direct set of muscle mass. Often they increase strength, libido, and correct the overall hormonal background of a man. And all of this comes with the fact that you can buy a booster in any sports nutrition store. It means these additives are not positioned as medications in some way, which is why they can be bought without a prescription. So, now you know how testosterone boosters work.

Where is testosterone produced in the body system of both sexes?

Here we will speak about where testosterone is produced. Testosterone is produced by hormone-producing cells of the male sex glands (testes), as well as the adrenal cortex and testes. However, the command for the formation of testosterone comes from the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands- the brain areas, so the reduction or stopping of the production of the hormone can be associated with head injuries.

The development of androgen affects many factors. Therefore, the blood concentration of it rises during training in the gym, with the consumption of spicy food and so on. The development of this hormone is intensified even when a man talks to a woman he likes. A couple of words with the object of his desire is enough in the body of a man for the testosterone levels to immediately increase.

This male hormone in women is synthesized by the adrenal glands, ovaries, and is also formed in many peripheral tissues, in particular, in the bones and fat tissues. However, the amount of testosterone produced by the female body can vary depending on the day of her menstrual cycle. Every day, the female body produces about 0.1 – 0.4 mg of the male hormone.

The ways to boost testosterone and getting hormonal stability in the body

to boost testosteroneFind out how to boost testosterone. Despite the negative signs of increased concentrations of male sex hormone, the question of how to increase testosterone levels worries men much more often than the question of lowering it. After a lowered level of the hormone in the blood is detected by the laboratory, it is necessary to start therapy. If the level is not critically low, it is quite possible to eliminate the problem by folk remedies and natural methods. Such methods include normalization of sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, the rejection of bad habits.

If the testosterone level is critically low, then the man should use a medicated method for increasing it. Testosterone in tablets and injections can be divided into synthetic and natural options. Natural products are made from natural plant materials. Synthetic hormones are synthesized in the laboratory as an analog of human testosterone. Synthetic drugs are easy to digest and maintain the necessary hormone levels during the day. However, like all means of unnatural origin, there is a risk of side effects.

What is the best testosterone booster for increasing of male power?

The drugs that will most effectively raise testosterone levels in men and women are:
Methenolone Enanthate – anabolic steroid for a long period of use such as Mesterolone and Clomiphene citrate for men. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, more precisely, dihydroboldenone. The drug has weak anabolic properties and it differs from other anabolic steroids. The refusal phenomenon is minimal.

Effects of this booster:

1. The growth of muscle mass.
2. Increased strength.
3. Reduction of fatty deposits.
4. An increase in the relief and texture of the musculature. Most often, the steroid is used in “drying” courses to preserve the muscular mass gained.
5 Increased potency.

Mesterolone is a hormonal androgenic drug. Often used in bodybuilding together with various other anabolic steroids. This is a fairly weak aromatase inhibitor but still, it prevents estrogenic manifestations. Long-term practice shows that it is practically incapable of suppressing gynecomastia, the formation of fatty deposits of the female type and other effects of aromatization.

Effects of taking this booster:

1. Increased libido, improved potency.
2. The increase of firmness and a relief of musculature.
3. Improvement of the quantity and quality of sperm.
4. Compensation for weak production of androgens.
5. Stimulation of the development of secondary sexual characteristics and male genital organs.
6. Anabolic properties.

Now, it is your turn to choose what is the best testosterone booster for yourself.

How to increase testosterone levels quickly in bodybuilding for muscle mass

How to increase testosterone levelsIf you ask yourself how to increase testosterone levels quickly – keep reading. Most hormonal drugs are administered by injections. This is because male hormones, which enter the liver in their purest form, will be destroyed by enzymes. However, after the modification of the hormone molecule, testosterone will be produced in testosterone boosters pills, the properties of which remain in the liver during intake. Testosterone in tablets is more convenient to use, but the effects from their use are not as pronounced as after injections. In addition, testosterone in tablets is more expensive than injections are.

But the main advantage of injections is high efficiency, which allows you to achieve the result in a short time, as well as benefit from their long period of action in the body.

It is also one of the safest ways for anabolic steroids treatment, so it is perfect for beginners during the first year.

What is testosterone replacement therapy and how to use it to get a good result?

So, what is testosterone replacement therapy? If the human body is not able to produce the right amount of testosterone itself, there are some preparations which are used to replace this male hormone.

For the treatment of testosterone deficiency, the following means are used:

1. Intramuscular injections.
2. Testosterone patches, which can be worn on the body or directly on the scrotum.
3. Testosterone gels.
4. Oral medication.

Each of these means provides the necessary level of hormone during replacement therapy. Nevertheless, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Talk with your doctor to find the best option for yourself, one that will ensure a good result from therapy.